Thursday, June 13, 2013

Girls Camp Stuff

Well, girls camp is coming up next week, and my house looks like a craft store blew up! Haha 
I have 25 t-shirts drying on my deck that the girls and leaders bleached the other night.  I have canvases, paints, brushes, vinyl lettering, bracelet stuff, nail polishes, glitter - you name it - all stacked in a bin ready to go!! Whew!
This is the craft we decided to make:
Don't mind the colors - it's just kind of a sample to see if they would work.  I'm sure the girls will make them WAY cuter! :)
I bought little 6x8 canvases at Michael's, they came in a pack of 5.  Then the girls will put the lettering and temple wherever and however they want.  Make sure to seal the letters first by painting over everything with white.  (It makes the letters look really clean when you pull them off.)
Then the girls can paint however they want. I bought a bunch of fun, bright colors.  After everything dries, peel the vinyl off and embellish!  Super easy!
We are also making some cute bracelets with colored braiding cord/twine and beads.  I will update with pictures after camp. 
UPDATE 6/26/13:  Here are some of the canvases that the girls made...
And a couple more...
I love how they are all individual.  They had fun and did a really good job!!

I am also in charge of the camp awards.  I found a cute list online and made up some cards to go with them that we can fill in at camp. 
My absolute favorite is the Big Red award - for the girl with the brightest sunburn!! Haha (That's bad, huh?)
If you would like to print these out to use, here is the download PDF file.
I made them kind of small, because I was using the regular-sized candy bars and didn't want them to overpower the candy.  Hopefully you can make them bigger.  If not, just leave me a comment and I will upload some bigger ones. :)
Oh and I purposely made 2 of the Mentos awards, because I am giving those to the youth leaders.  They get to decide who gets each award and I didn't want them to have to do their own.  Make sense?
Happy camping to me!! Haha :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

20 Pounds Down!

These are my results so far - I still have another week of my 90 day challenge, but it's fun to see how far I've come!  It took me almost 2 yrs to lose the first 10 lbs, and only 3 months to lose the next 10 lbs!  I credit it all to my challenge group.  I was able to stay accountable and not give up.  I am going to be doing another challenge group soon - you can check out my fitness blog HERE for more information and to read more about my journey so far.
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