Saturday, February 23, 2013

Campfire Cake

Well, it is that time of year again - the Blue and Gold Banquet! :)  Last year, I took the easy way out of the cake-making thing, and made a fake one.  You can see it here.  This year, I had a little more time, and so I decided I would at least try something creative.
Searching around the internet, my son I saw some really cute campfire cakes and we I decided that is what we I wanted to make. (Because we all know that it's really the moms who do this, right?) haha
I had about three different cakes that I liked, so I picked the best of each, and just kind of threw it all together.  It doesn't look quite how I pictured it in my head, but oh-well.  Here it is:
Okay, first of all - don't look at the extremely distracting cake plate.  I don't have any good round serving trays apparently.  Second - I did make 2 layers, but they are super thin, so it looks like one layer.  (I even made one layer blue swirl and the other layer yellow swirl.) 
I put rock candy around the base and a few on top, along with Pirouette cookies, crushed oreos and crushed graham crackers.
The flames were made by melting hard candies in the oven, and then cracking them into shards.  Jolly Ranchers work the best, but they don't make yellow or orange, so I had to improvise. :)
I stuck a battery-operated tea light in the center, and turned it on right before we got to the banquet.  It was so cute, it really looked liked flames!
Well, there you go - our campfire cake!!  We really thought it turned out cute!
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Melanie said...

Love it Beth! It looks great!

Anonymous said...

Where do you find "rock candy" and what kind of candies exactly did you use for the flame?

Beth said...

I don't know what stores you have in your area, but I got the rock candy at Winco in the bulk foods. I think they have them in some candy stores also.

The candy I used for the flame were just fruit-flavored hard candy. (They were also in the bulk section & had no name on them, just a picture of fruit - sorry.) I did use some Jolly Ranchers and also some sugar-free lemon candies from the dollar store, and they both worked great, too.

Anything that's hard and semi-clear will be just fine.

Hope that helps. :)

Beth said...

Also, I found that when you melt the candy - It stays exactly where you put it. So I broke mine up a bit (with a rolling pin, in a plastic bag) then overlapped the colors so they look more tie-dyed. If that makes sense.

Crystal said...

I LOVE this! I'll be making this for my boys' camping birthday party. Thank you for sharing your details!!

Unknown said...

I made this. Everyone loved it! Thank you. I made the candy a few days ahead. It ended up sticking together, so I had to re do it. So make it just before you are ready to use it. Cools quickly. Here's a link to my pic. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

Unknown said...

Sorry here is the link.

Anonymous said...

The tea light is a GREAT touch! Nice job. I'll definitely use that idea.

Sara said...

The tea candle was the final perfect touch! We ended up using cinnamon & butterscotch candies for the flames & they strangely made a yummy combo.

bjmillet said...
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