Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Table Box Centerpiece

I have been really wanting some kind of centerpiece for my table that wouldn't be too tall, but would fill a big space and that I could change out for different holidays or seasons.  I have seen these beautiful wooden boxes on the internet and decided that would be so perfect!
So my amazing husband made this for me - to my exact specifications.  haha :)

The measurements are:  3 ft. long, 7 in. wide, and 5.5 in. tall.

Here is the end a little closer up.
I painted the sides and edges dark brown, then I smeared petroleum jelly randomly in spots (on the edges, corners and some on the sides). 
Then my sweet husband spray painted it for me in an antique white. 
After it was all dry, I took some sandpaper and rubbed the paint off where the petroleum jelly was so it looks a little weathered.  Sorry, I don't have pictures of that by itself.  Hopefully you can tell what I did in the next pictures.
Here it is all decorated for fall:



Next year I will use real pumpkins and gourds, not those plastic-y things.  I have also realized I'm not very good at arranging these things.  My husband actually made this for me last spring, and I could never figure out what to put in it, so it sat in a closet until I got it out in September.  *sigh*
For Halloween, I replaced some of the pumpkins with little tombstones and added in some cute miniature skeletons.  I don't have a picture of that either - don't know why....
Hopefully I can come up with something halfway decent for Christmas.  I know what I want it to look like, I just have a hard time putting all together so it looks full and beautiful, you know?  Any suggestions??  :)
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