Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Quiet Book - Girls

Here is the quiet book I made for my daughter.  Luckily, I found the pictures I had taken before I gave it to her.  Let's just say she has loved this book! haha

In case you missed it, here is my Boy Quiet Book.

This is obviously the title page.  I wanted to make a cute little mirror to go opposite, but couldn't find those plastic-y fake ones anywhere! Oh-well.

I LOVE this ladybug page!  This was so hard for me - it was the first time I had ever sewn a zipper!!  I am so proud of myself for that!  It turned out okay, don't you think? :)

Here is another picture after it was in her book.

I had so much fun with this one!  I think my next project will be a whole set of felt food.  (I might have to learn to sew first. *sigh*)

I never took a picture of just the food, and when I got them out of my daughter's book, the corn had faded.  I couldn't remember how it looked - so I guessed.  Yeah, not so good huh? The first one was better.

I love these ballet slippers for the 'tie page'.  This page was my nemesis, I swear.  Grrrr!

Here is the original sketch - it's reversed though because of the Wonder Under. :)

Here is the dress-up page.  My sister drew the doll body from a mix of a couple different shapes we found online.  The dresser is a little pocket to stuff put all the clothes in.

These clothes are so stylish, don't you think? haha

Here is her complete wardrobe.  I wanted to make soooo many more - like pajamas and a swimsuit!  But I didn't want the book to be any thicker than it already was.  I think doing just dolls would be fun, too! :)

Button-up flowers - so sweet. The buttons are the biggest I could find, and they are wooden, so I painted them and scruffed them up a bit.

This is the same clock I made for the boy book.  I made this one first though, and thought it looked a little too Mickey Mouse for my taste, so I changed it to burgandy and grey.  (It totally looks like Mickey Mouse, huh?) haha

This is probably my least favorite page.  I don't know why - my daughter loves it, but to me it's

The last page is a tree with snap-on apples.  I sewed  Ugh!  Since then, I realized that my Crop-A-Dile does snaps - what!?  I guess that's what I get for not paying attention to the instructions.  The little tire swing actually dangles from the tree branch.  (Very securely, I might add.)

Here are a few of the templates if you want them:

Well, that's it!  I had sooo many cute ideas for things to make with felt.  From puppets, playmats, and a nativity scene, to seasons and alphabet quiet books.  It was the whole reason I named my blog "All The Quiet Things". Ahhh maybe I can go finish some other projects. ;)

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Karina said...

Hello, this book is very interesting. I will try to do some to my girl. We don´t have this kind of thing in Brazil, I love this idea. Do you have the clock template?? The numbers are perfect. Did you cut by your hands or in some kind of machine?? Sorry about my english.

Anonymous said...

Good morning can you tell me did you use just crafting felt or 100% wool felt? I have heard it makes such a difference. Thank you

Jean W said...

My little one is going to be a year old so I would like to make a book like this for her. I am a beginner at this but have sewn in the past. My questions are do you plan your pages out first and make the base pages? What are the tools and materials you use for things like the grommets..always use felt for pages? Last question..any suggestions for pages for a one year old? I am excited but don't know where to start.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you make quiet books to sell? I would be interested in buying one for a girl just like the one you did for your little girl. I do not sew and don't have the time to sew but would love to buy one for my grand daughter who is 2 yrs old for Christmas. Please email me back if you would be interested in something like that and list the cost. Thank you

Beth said...

It's funny because I originally made these quiet books hoping to sell them at craft fairs & online, but after making one & realizing how much work and time I had to put into each one, I decided to just share the templates and be done with it! haha :)

So no, I don't make them to sell - sorry. I wish I had the time and desire to do so, but one boy & one girl one was enough for me. :)

Anonymous said...

this absolutely doable. I normally don't go to blog posts but am glad I did for this. Usually the idea is unfinished and hard to understand and ends up being so difficult to complete. But this is something I see myself doing. thank you so much for the great templates. Would like to see more from you.

gina said...

I am so happy I found your page! Thank you for sharing! However, could you kindly help me (0 experience) with the following questions I have please?

1) Are the pages you did on, just a normal layer or doubled up? I saw some mummies who used cardboards and some just 1 "layer" of felt. Don't have much time to do the cardboard one. But understand that if the materials on the page is too heavy, it might be uneven right?

2) I do not have a sewing machine at home. Is it going to be crazy to hand sew the plastic (which u put the bugs in)? It's been awhile since I last sew!

Appreciate it!

Thank You!

Unknown said...

I am making a quiet book for my first grandson. I was wondering if you would share your template for the clock. I haven't found any other ones that I like.

Beth said...

Kara -

How fun!! I didn't realize the clock wasn't on here so I'm glad you asked. Maybe I didn't think it was that great. haha I will definitely get it on here as soon as I can. Thank you.

*A little tip with the clock - make sure you secure the hands really well. I used really thick felt so they would be easier to rotate, but then my daughter popped the hands right out. I don't know what would work better for that. Maybe some cardboard covered in duct tape?

Unknown said...

Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering when you were going to get the clock pattern on the site? Thanks for posting the patterns. They are just awesome!

Beth said...

I am soooo sorry!! I had scanned it and got it all ready & then forgot that I had never actually linked it to the blog!!

It's on there now! Just a warning that it is very crudely drawn. haha It's what I used though, so it should work. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Beth!

Thank you so much for posting the templates of your great pages for both quiet books!
I was wondering if you would mind adding the template for the ladybug? It is so cute, I love it and would like to make one for my son.

Holly said...

This is so adorable! Thanks so much for sharing!
Holly ♥

Unknown said...

Thank you for being so kind to offer the free templates

girlscoutmom said...

do you have the template and instructions for the lady bug.. your book is adorable..thanks.

Mrs Bradley said...

Do you put rough velcro on the back of the felt so the bits stick to the felt, just asking as I have used placemats for my backgrounds as only $2 and super quick way to do it or does the felt just stick to other felt? I hope my question makes sense.
Toni :)

Beth said...

I didn't put anything on the back. The felt does stick to itself pretty well. If you are using a different material for the pages, I would definitely use something like velcro or even magnets on the back. Hopefully that answered your question. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much!! for sharing, love it it's amazing how you have a great creativity.

Sue said...

Amazon has Mylar paper, the safety mirro product! Love you books and grateful for your patterns. I agree about making them to sell. Some things I just prefer not to do for money!!!

Mary Richardson said...

Good morning. I just discovered your blog. I would like to make a quiet book for my granddaughter.
There doesn't seem to be anything in the last. Our,e of years. Have you quit blogging or do you have a new site?
Thanks sew much,mother templates and ideas are terrific. I especially love the monkeys from the boys quiet book
Take care, hi from Nova Scotia by the way

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