Thursday, January 19, 2012

Goodie Boxes

I was looking through my card boxes the other day, and I came across these cute little goodie boxes I made a few years ago, so I thought I would share them with you.

The first one is a "milk carton" box, that I stamped on, and added ribbons to.  Fill these with treats, and you have cute, homemade Valentines.
When I gave these out for class treats, I actually just folded the template in the middle, so they were shorter. (More like the short ones they give out for lunches.)  You fold it all up, punch a hole in the top and close it with ribbons. 

Super easy! And you can do any color, for any reason!

The next one is a little purse card, that I actually made for my mom's birthday, but I thought it would be cute for Valentine's Day, too.

Aren't they cute?? They are the perfect size for a pack of gum or a flat candy bar. (Long ones like Snickers don't fit - bummer!)

I attached the flaps closed with a little magnet.  It makes me think of a real purse. I love purses! :)

Then it folds down, so you can write a little message inside.

These are actually pretty easy to make, just hard to describe.

Download the template, cut out your purse color (mine was brown) and score it where the lines are. I would have just listed the measurements, but they were really odd, so I just traced where I folded.

Fold it into a box, and you will probably see how it will come together. There will be a complete box, and then an extra flap - that flap will point up. (you fold it down to see the inside of the "card".)

Cut out a circle in patterned paper the same width as the purse, and glue it to where your top will be, then glue the back of the circle down as well. (Try out your circle before you glue to make sure it fits.)

Attach a little strip of ribbon with brads for the handle.  Cut a little square of paper for the message and glue it on the front.  Fold the flap up and attach magnet pieces.

Slide your candy inside - and there you go!

Like I said - hard to describe. Anyway, if you want, you can download my horrible hand-made templates here.

Thanks for stopping by!


Sandra said...

Very cute idea!

Karen @MSEnthusiast said...

These look great. It's nice to give the same type of gift(candy) with different packaging! Very cool.

Charissa said...

Love these...especially with the candy in them. They'd make cute cheap gifts for teenagers to give out. Found you on my sisters' blog...junkintheirtrunk.

Heidi said...

These are so adorable and look easy to make! This is being featured today at {Junk in their Trunk}. Thanks for taking the time to come link up!

Marilou said...

Thank you for sharing this cute idea!!

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