Monday, March 12, 2012

Painted Headboard

When my husband and I finally got a king-size bed - we had no idea what we wanted for a headboard. Our last bed had a huge frame with a footboard too and we knew we didn't want to take up that much room again.
So we decided we would just paint one!
We love this because it is fairly temporary, so when/if we ever decide to get a regular headboard - we can just take the frame off and paint over it!

So, what if we want to move our bed, you ask?  Well, we decided that this spot is pretty much where it will stay.  There is only one other place to put our bed, and it would cut the room in half, and make our room look smaller.  However, we could still move it, and then this faux headboard would make an amazing frame for our dresser! Haha :)

How I made it:
What I did was measure where we wanted our headboard while the bed was still against the wall.  Then, we moved the bed, and taped off our frame.  Then I decided how big I wanted my diamonds to be (they measure 18" x 22") and cut a template out of poster board.

I decided I wanted my diamonds outlined in white so they show up more.  So I painted the headboard area white first.

I put some tape behind the diamond and then stuck it on the wall.  After I made sure the center was level, I taped all four sides with Frog tape.  Then I continued like that all along the top row.  After the first row, it was easier, because everything was level and you just connect the tape.

Then, before you paint the diamonds, make sure to seal the tape with the wall color first.  It will give you nice clean lines.  (I forgot that step, and had to redo everything - not fun! Trust me.)

After it's dry, remove the tape and finish with a frame - easy!

Wall color:  Barely Jade by Glidden
Diamonds:  Davenport Tan and Alexandria Beige by Benjamin Moore 



Rachel said...

Hi! did you paint this all the way to the floor? Thanks!

Beth said...

Rachel - Yes, I did paint it all the way to the floor. That way you only need 3 pieces of trim. And it was easier, I thought. :)

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