Thursday, March 21, 2013

Built-In Bookshelves

As you all know by now, we have been working on the fireplace wall in our family room.  For a looong time (way too long) we have had our tv in the corner.  You couldn't even see it unless you were in the coveted seat right in front of it.  Sadly, I don't have a picture of how it was.  However, I do have a picture of the basic setup.
This was after we got our new tv - before the bookshelves.  Our old chunky tv sat on the top shelf, over in the corner.  (Yes, we are watching Bubble Guppies.) haha :)  The other side was just empty - so it looked off balance and was kind of a waste of space.
We wanted to do some built-ins, but our main problem was the shelves had to be deep enough for our dvd player, dvr, etc.  Here is a picture of how the left side turned out.
This side was the trickiest because the edge of the bay window is really narrow.  Luckily, that was almost exactly the depth we needed.  I wish they could have been set back further from the fireplace, but oh-well, what can ya do?
Here they are finished.
I think they turned out pretty great!  (My husband doesn't agree, and wants to rip them out and have a professional build some.) 
Obvioulsy, they are still very much un-decorated.  I need to find some more things to go on them - they look so bare.  We also need to find a better place for the all the speakers.  Ugh! 
Anyway, there it is!  I have soooo much extra space now to put things.  Love it!
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