Saturday, September 14, 2013

Christmas Advent Craft

Guess what I got the other day?!  A fun new Christmas craft!  I actually got two of them because my little sister is going to do one with me! :)
I found them at Porter's Crafts - I think it's a local craft store, so I'm not sure where you can get these.  They measure about 16.5"x 16" and the little doors are only 1.5" wide. 
You can pretty much do anything you want with these, but the craft store had two different ideas on display.
The first is a Nativity advent - very pretty!

The second is a cute little Santa one using different craft paper and embellishments...

This is the one I'm going to make, because I already have a more religious advent with Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem.  Plus, I want to use up some of my cute Christmas paper!! haha :)
I also bought the vinyl they had there, because I didn't want to try to make my own.  I will be cutting out my own numbers, though.
We are going to make these in a couple weeks when I go to visit my sister, so I will have to update and show you what we ended up with.  I'm so excited!! :)
Here is the one I made - I LOVE how it turned out!  So cute! :)
We bought the vinyl city scene at the craft store, because I was NOT about to try to do my own! haha  I did make my own numbers on my Silhouette though.  So many fun fonts!

I had so many cute paper scraps, it was so fun to use them.  They look so much prettier in person.  (Some of the paper has glitter on it.)  We stuck it all on with Mod Podge, so it's sealed really well.

My favorite part is the roof!  We painted it gray to match the brick paper we used for the chimney.  Then we hung some little Christmas lights along the edge.  Aren't they ADORABLE??!!  :)
Anyway, it was a lot of fun to make, and now I get to fill it with cute things! 


Judy Z said...

I absolutely love this advent calendar. I try to create something different for my grandsons, as far as advent calendars, each year and this would be wonderful. You don't know where I can purchase the wooden part do you? Or is there a mfg. name on them?

Unknown said...

Absolutely Gorgeous Beth I will have to wait for Christmas 2016 to do these for my Little Grandchildren �� �� Have an Awesome Christmas �� ��

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