Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall/Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

I was about to take down all my fall decorations, and decided I would take some pictures of a few things I did this year.
I really like decorating for fall because everything looks so earthy, and the colors are perfect in my house! Yay!
Last year I bought a TON of artificial fall flowers at Michael's on clearance, so I needed to figure out what to do with them this year. Haha :)
These two are exactly the same, but I put them in different rooms, so it turned out okay. I just filled a glass container with mixed nuts, and stuck a bunch of flowers in. I think next year I'll put one of these in a metal bucket instead.
This is a sign I made last year. I got the inspiration for the lettering HERE. I had an old scrap of wood that I painted & then Mod Podged some cute scrapbook paper onto it. Then, I added the vinyl (white contact paper) and the twine. The acorn is actually white contact paper that I sponge-painted the color I wanted - it totally worked!!
(I used the same lettering but added it to a plate for my sister-in-law's birthday.)
I think I actually bought the vinyl for this - then just applied it to a ceramic tile.
Well, these are just a few ideas of things I've made for fall. Most of my fall decorations were purchased. Maybe I can find some cute ideas for next year? :)

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Milo Anderson said...

Nice collection of artificial flowers Beth. I have an idea that you can color those old flowers and re-use them. Also, you may trim the edges of flowers’ petal and resize them. See, if you can implement this idea.

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