Friday, January 25, 2013

All you need is LOVE...

I made a couple new Valentine's Day signs last weekend.  This first one was a piece of scrap wood I had out in the garage, and I have been wanting to use these Beetles lyrics forever!
I painted the wood black around the edges.  Then I glued on some scrapbook paper with wood glue.  (The sign was bigger than the paper, so you can see the line where I tried to merge the two.)  oh-well. :)
I made the lettering on my Silhouette using Bosshole font for the LOVE, and Eutemia I font for the rest.
Then, using a sponge dipped in a black stamp pad, I shaded the edges all around.
That's it! Super easy - I love it!  I think maybe the wording could have been a little bigger, but I wanted the LOVE to really stand out.
The next sign I made, I happened to find tucked away in my craft bin.  Who knows how long it had been there??  It's amazing what you can find that you didn't remember you even had! haha
I bought this wooden frame at the craft store & letters for the word love. (Obviously, haha) 
I added some more scrapbook paper and glued the letters on with Gorilla glue.
I was worried that the letters would pull right off the paper, but they seem to be holding up pretty well. I really like these colors, too - very non-traditional.
I put this sign up above my kitchen cupboards & the other one will go on the new built-in shelves we're working on. (I can't wait!!) 
Until later -
Thanks for stopping by!

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